About Netlabel

Netlabel started out in 2000 as the first Swedish ebook publisher, first under the name Afyra.com and later as Epapper.net. Back then all ebooks were published in Swedish and made available in Microsoft Reader format. The Swedes didn’t show much interest in ebooks at that time and the pioneer ebook publisher/shop didn’t sell anything at all.

Fast forward to 2013. We have Amazon, the Kindle, iPad and a huge portion of the worlds books are being read digitally. Time for another try and a fresh new start. Still the Swedes haven’t really caught on, so we decided to use the English language and go global. The idea is still the same as 13 years earlier: to use electronic publishing to do things ourselves without the backing of any large corporations who are just looking for the next big thing to make them another pile of money.

Our first release is now available at Amazon using their excellent publishing service: Kindle Direct Publishing, which is free by the way. It’s a philosophical book about the nature of our existence, called The Dreamer. More releases are on the way.